Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning Methods : Pros And Cons

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Dry carpet cleaning solution also referred to as extremely low moisture, offers you quite a lot more than your usual vacuum cleaning can. Such cleaning offers you a great depth of cleansing power. It does so by working with compound cleaning agents that break down dirt and pre-treat fibre before the actual machine cleaning starts. The cleaning agents are first buffed or brushed into the carpet. You remove them when you use the machine to clean the carpet. The cleansers get embedded within the fibres and loosen up all the sediments such as dirt and oil.

This makes it easy for you to remove them at the time of carpet cleaning. These cleansers are also capable of protecting the fibres to not get stained in the future. This is a lot like applying stain shield spray on your furniture. This system is typically used in homes when you are looking for spot treatment. However, such dry cleaning is also highly effective when you find it hard to limit the traffic that the carpet is being exposed to. This implies areas such as halls and entrances of various commercial establishments.
It also helps that dry carpet cleaning is a lot less costly compared to steam cleaning. These systems also use a lot less moisture which is why they dry a lot quicker as well. In fact, in most cases, you do not need more than half an hour to complete the entire job.

In any case, dry carpet cleaning does not take more than an hour for the entire process to be completed. Maybe, you do not want to rent the machines that are used for such work. In that case, you would get many stores where you would get powder cleaners that can create the same experience. These products have ingredients that would absorb the smells from the carpet and cleanse its fibres actively. You can leave the powder on the carpet for some time. After that, vacuum clean the same!

Negatives of dry carpet cleaning

Indeed, such dry cleaning is generally effective, but it is not always so. This is especially when you require a deep rejuvenation of your carpet as such. This process does not have the necessary strength to revitalise a carpet and disinfect it thoroughly.

Yet another problem of dry carpet cleaning is the injection of chemicals on the carpets that can leave some unseemly residues. At times, it may also leave an odour that can cause allergies to certain kinds of people. You also need to consider this method when you have pets or toddlers who spend a lot of the day on the carpet. This method can also lead to the build-up of residue, and that can cause the carpet to age if you continue such cleaning. You also need to vacuum, clean, and treat a dry-cleaned carpet regularly. Otherwise, it would gather dust.

Benefits of steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is highly recommended for families and individuals who face allergies and are sensitive to smells usually associated with carpets’ dry cleaning. With steam cleaning, you can clean specific spots on your carpet or deep clean the entire area equally effectively. The water vapour that is produced as the result of such work does not contain any smell. It is also an efficient method for lifting dirt and killing bacteria, leading to those smells that tend to bother people as opposed to the likes of dry cleaners and sprays. With steam cleaning, you do not have to worry about the carpet being injected with any substance that would leave a residue.

As we have said already, steam carpet cleaning is a great way for lifting dirt from your carpet. This includes the likes of pet scents and moulds. Have you neglected your carpet in all these years? Do you want it to look fresh again? Then you should try steam cleaning. You can see the restorative effects of such cleaning in carpets placed in high-traffic areas and the ones in the hallways.

When these carpets become old, it is easy to make out the path created on them because of the heavy foot traffic they have been subjected to. They tend to become compressed. Steam carpet cleaning in these cases is regarded as the last resort.

Negatives of steam carpet cleaning

The biggest problem with such a form of cleaning carpets is the necessity of powerful equipment to do the work. In most cases, people rent them. Compared to the machines used for dry cleaning, these machines are heavier, so it can be hard to transport them as such.

With steam carpet cleaning, there is always a chance of dirt emerging again, originally extracted from the carpet fibre’s depths. This can even happen after a few weeks have elapsed following such cleaning. In that case, you would have to get a secondary steam cleaning done to get the best results in this context. It is also not as if these steam cleaners can remove all dirt and stains. A lot in these cases depends on the age of the stain, why it happened, and how much it has penetrated the carpet.

Indeed, steam cleaning is perhaps a lot more effective than dry carpet cleaning. However, this does not mean that it can clean all deep spots that are so tough to remove. It would be best to keep in mind that this is not something that you can do regularly. It needs to be done at definite intervals. Otherwise, it can wear out the carpet as well. Such cleaning also leaves moisture on the carpet, and it can take as much as 24 hours for it to dry.

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