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Are you seeking for reliable upholstery cleaning services in Australia?

What if you get some extra on your upholstery clean up? Isn’t it a great idea? No doubt, steam cleaning is an undoubtedly effective method of cleaning and during the upholstery cleaning, it requires intensive experience. We are also one of the best agencies providing upholstery cleaning services in Australia. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of upholstery cleaning services at reasonable prices.

Just like cloth cleaning, car-washing, and maintenance, your upholstery also needs to be regularly cleaned to ensure the valuable assets maintain their pristine appearance and aroma. Call us to get a free quote.
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Upholstery Cleaning

Different types of Upholstery services that we clean

There are multiple types of upholstery that are regularly cleaned by our professionals. Below is a list of the most common sort after services we provide:
  • Couch Steam Cleaning -We proffer top skills during the couch steam cleaning as our team has vast years of experience. There is not anyone else expert as our team to provide such aspects as we do our base service in Australia and its suburbs.
  • Sofa Cleaners -However, we also deliver the top niche services and solutions for sofa cleaning in Australia by using advanced equipment and eco-friendly products.
  • Lounge cleaning -We implement the best methods for effectively cleaning upholstery by using environmentally friendly chemicals and developed tools.
  • Leather Furniture Cleaning -Despite the team of upholstery cleaning is much aware of the chemical products used for leather furniture further to maintain the durability of the materials.
  • Chair Cleaning -We are competent in cleaning any type of chairs implying the favorable tactics. It will maintain the shining glow of the furniture if you get your furniture cleaned at regular intervals. Lasting for a longer period would help you to save a fair amount of money.
  • Rug Cleaning – We comprehend your diverse concerns and necessities of our customers. Our professionals hold years of experience in the rug cleaning of all the types. So, whether it is pure silk, pure wool variety, or the expensive Persian rug or one of the exotic collectibles
  • Mattress Cleaning – Our mattress cleaners use the safe and finest cleaning solutions to remove the germs, dust mite, stains from your bedding. Now you can easily get your mattress hygienically steam cleaned today that includes anti-allergen treatment, stain removal, and mattress drying services.

Types of Upholstery Fabrics – We clean

To make different kinds of upholstery, a wide range of fabrics is used. That includes Tapestry, Cotton, Silk all fabrics can be cleaned. We, at Refreshaant, have complete knowledge to clean any of these upholstery fabrics. Before performing the cleaning, we give detailed attention to each fabric.

Leather Lounge cleaning

Whether you are looking for fabric lounge cleaners or leather lounge cleaners, we can do it for you at very affordable prices. Our team of cleaning gives all the services that relate to upholstery cleaning. We can bring the best out of your stained, dirty, and worn out lounges. With our right cleaning approach and best cleaning solutions, we will help you in getting your upholstery cleaned. So, just pick your phone and book your appointment to get your leather lounge cleaned.

Ottoman Cleaning

This is another on-demand service. Our team of cleaners who are professional in offering the deep cleaning methods that further brings the upholstery back to life. Ottoman is also a type of upholstery that can be used as a stool, chair, or even as a table. However, it comes in different types of fabrics like natural fabric, leather, or suede. You might be known that different types of upholstery require different methods for its cleaning. Some types of couches can be cleaned with hot water and some with solvent. Once the process of cleaning is done, we will also deodorize your upholstery to remove the odd smells and make it fresh.

Save time & money with our Upholstery steam cleaning services

Upholstery cleaning not only delivers a high standard of clean up but it is also less time consuming and cost-effective. The whole cleaning process of furniture depends upon the condition and on its fabric. For example, cotton fabric or synthetic takes less time in comparison to microsuede or linen.

upholstery cleaning
Why choose us?

Why should you consider us For Your Upholstery Cleaning?

Your furnishings can only take so much use before they start looking dull, dirty and in serious need of cleaning. If you are like many families out there with a beloved pet, those couches, sofas, rugs, and mattresses can quickly turn smelly.

Fortunately, the Refreshaant team of experts offer you friendly, efficient upholstery cleaning that sure to give you the results you desire.

We use the most modern and innovative technology to complete your cleaning of valuable belongings.

Some important factors we offer are:
  • We are available every day to provide the service.
  • No use of harsh chemicals at all.
  • The same day service is available.
  • Our cleaning team is also concerned about the environment.
  • The services are available at reasonable prices.
Our specialists are highly experienced and skilled in their work and provide the best and customer friendly services in Castle Hill and Ryde.
Save Time. Save Money.

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Frequently asked questions

Usually, the best carpet cleaners across Australia are fully insured, technically trained, and police checked to ensure the customers’ complete safety. All upholstery cleaning companies must have comprehensive insurance to protect them from accidents or damage during work. While you look for an upholstery cleaner in Australia, make sure you check out if the cleaners are insured and have the required license to do the job. 

Any good upholstery cleaning company will clean all types of upholstery fabrics. They have the expertise and equipment to clean different kinds of fabric without damaging them in the least. Upholstery cleaning requires experience and expertise to provide you with the best services. A lot of homes use cotton, rayon, and synthetic as upholstery fabric. Cotton is easy to clean, while synthetic fabrics will require certain techniques to be cleaned. Silk upholsteries are delicate, and they need special professional care.    

Most of the companies in Australia that provide carpet and upholstery cleaning services prefer their clients to pre-book their service request. Nevertheless, you can also get same-day cleaning services if you find the right cleaning company in your area. Same-day service works great for a quick cleaning job before your guests arrive. All you will need to do is call the company right away and ask for the service you require. They will provide you with an estimated time for cleaning as well as the charges.